About Us


I am excited to see you here!!! Respecting nature’s harmony and expressing individuality through the art of jewelry is our main focus. I am successful, when you can sense these important components of life flowing through my creations for the benefit of all.
I am Esther, the designer for our company. My work reflects that I am a true Virgo, with incredible inner-strength, eye for unusual beauty and earthly warmth. Understanding that textures and shapes have their own personality, I put them together seamlessly and help them to evolve into eye-catching conversation pieces. 

For Esther enjoying art and learning new things were always a way of life. She was born in Budapest, Hungary to a father who was a well known producer in theater arts and a mother, who was a theatrical custom-designer and later owned Europe Art Gallery in New York. Esther’s passion for the arts was fully recognized after she moved to the United States at age 22. The next 20 years she turned her flair for colors, textures and shapes into making a living. She professionally designed clothing, fashion accessories, and owned upscale boutiques in Los Angeles.

Moving to Arizona retirement gave Esther a new opportunity  to create art.  This time she choose jewelry design. She is working with natural stones, precious metals, crystals, collectible art pieces and whatever catches her eyes. These creations are unusual and she gives attention to the smallest detail. Her work is usually available in museum shops, upscale boutiques and outdoor art shows….oh and online!                         

Esther and her husband Steve live in Green Valley Arizona. Steve does the books, handles the serious things and keeps Esther’s feet on the ground. Besides their kids and 3 wonderful grandkids, they have 2 rescue dogs to share life with.