Amethyst beads & Stalagmite Pendant #SN125

Amethyst beads & Stalagmite Pendant #SN125


Length: approx. 16 ” + 1.25″ extender                Pendant: approx. 2″

Amethyst is one of the most popular stones. The Beauty and the colors of the crystals are known. It is also believed that Amethyst has many special spiritual and health benefits. How can we go wrong wanting to wear something so beautiful and useful?  The necklace is made out of small Amethyst beads, while the pendant is a very rare Stalagmite crystal slice.  Stalagmites built up on the floor of  limestone caverns, formed from the dripping of mineral rich water.                                     This pendant has a 4 prong sterling silver, handmade wire basket to hold the crystal safely. Since I like everything different and unusual,  therefore Stalagmite and Stalactite crystals are often used in my pieces. Every single one is different, so they help me to create natural wearable art.

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