Amethyst Stalagmite Crystal with sterling silver, Pendant PD109

Amethyst Stalagmite Crystal with sterling silver, Pendant PD109


Length: 2.2 inch    Width: 2.1 inch at bottom.

From the bowels of old caves come this light lavender color Amethyst crystal formation. These are classic Stalactite crystal flowers. All the “eyes” of this formation developed first as calcium deposits, then the amethyst crystals had formed around it. This is a very rare clear triple flower formation. A definite one of a kind piece of jewelry! A four pronged handmade sterling silver box frame cradles the crystal and keeps it safe.  Th pendant can be worn on both sides. We seldom find something this unique, so it is one of the most unusual and coveted collectable item in our inventory.  It looks fabulous on short or long silver chains. The collectors are right. Nature is the best artist! It is my job to make it a wearable precious piece for you to enjoy! I suggest some very plain silver earrings to be worn with this pendant. A big hoop, a ball, its up to you. I think you wouldn’t want to compete with the beauty of this pendant and “perfectly match” an earring with the crystals…   Crystal formations and their multiple colors have multiple natural benefits too. This mainly white and lavender crystal might help you with focus, clarity, strength and attracting romance.  Enjoy it!

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