Ammonite #SN129

Ammonite #SN129


Length: approx. 18 inches


Would you like to own natural stones which are over 50 million years old?  Here is my Ammonite necklace, which would be just the thing to own. Ammonites are fossilized shells, which somewhat resemble tightly coiled rams horns. The last of these squids with the shells disappeared 65 million years ago.  They make interesting and natural jewelry.  I also picked  graduated specie sizes to make the necklace really comfortable, and added Aquamarine and Fresh Water Pearls to carry the sea theme a step further. Interestingly it became a piece for many occasions. The color and texture combinations make this necklace a real natural wearable art.

The metal used is a silver alloy, which has no Lead, Nickel or Zinc, therefore it is non tarnish and non allergenic.

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For matching earrings I suggest something like  plain silver hoops, so you wouldn’t compete with the necklace. However I have some small Ammonites I can create a matching pair of earrings from.


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