SS Adjustable rope Chain #SS118

SS Adjustable rope Chain #SS118


Weight: 7.5 gr      Length:28.0 in       Width: approximately 1.5 mm

Sterling Silver Adjustable  rope chain. It is light and practical and strong.  It’s an  adjustable chain (fairly new on the market), that allows you to change the length of the chain. These are the BEST! They are practical and make incredible gifts, too! You can totally adjust where you want the chain or pendant to fall on your neck line. It’s way better than any common, predetermined length of chain, or even a a chain extender.

HOW TO ADJUST THE CHAIN?                                                                                                                      You simply hold the ball with your fingers (there’s a rubber stopper inside), then gently pull on the  dangle to the desired length (pull the chain the opposite direction to reverse).                                   No longer need to own 3-4 different length chains, you only need ONE, which is the perfect length every time!!!

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