Covid memories #SN124

Covid memories #SN124


Length: approx. 24 ”         Pendant:  approx. 2.5″  long,  approx.  1 ”  wide

This is the event many generation will remember.  To create a memory of this pandemic I created this piece. The pendant is a collage of many thoughts and experiences. The letters TLC are the most important elements here. TENDER LOVING CARE. We all needed and still need it.  It will take a very special buyer to choose this piece.                                                                                                  The necklace is a combinations of faceted Onyx and Fluorite and Hematite.                                    I picked these stones to compliment the pendant and its meaning.  Fluorites are fluorescent minerals. The clear, light green and lavender beads are all from the same stone. Fluorite is associated with enlightenment and healing on spiritual, mental and emotional levels. Onyx  helps with strength and stamina, while Hematite is known to ground and balance the individuals.              The pedant is oxidized pewter and brass, the closure is non allergic, non tarnish silver alloy.

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