Crescent Shaped Stalactite Crystal Pendant #PD118

Crescent Shaped Stalactite Crystal Pendant #PD118


Length: aprox.2.50 inches (Incl. bail)   Width: approx. 1.50 inches      Large bail

Natural shades of beige, light burgundy & white crystals sparkle together to make this a very interesting   It is a rare hand sliced Stalactite crystal pendant, so it is very light. You can wear it on a chain or a ribbon, it sure attracts attention.   Multi color crystals believed to have multi natural benefits. Agates in this crystal helps with self expression and self confidence, the burgundy crystal represent vitality, while clear crystals promote positive vibes…                                                                  Metals are non tarnish and, non allergic brass. (This metal is a North American Standard jewelry alloy)

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