Pearl Cross #EP119

Pearl Cross #EP119


Length: approx. 1 inch             Width: approx. 3/8 inch

Did you know that the pearl is the only gem created by a living creature? From ancient emperors, to the royalty and celebrities of today, pearls have been a sign of wealth and exquisite taste. These pearls crosses  were produced in Indonesian pearl farms. They place a real tiny organic irritant into the Oyster. It takes some time before the Oyster is ready following the shape of the irritant and the cross is ready to be taken out. It is pearly white and very rare to see. (I also made some earring and pendant sets from these pearl formations. You can find it on the Sets page in our menu))                    We always sell them out, and it takes a long time to get them again…                                              Metal used is from North American Jewelry Standard. Its non tarnish and non allergenic. (No Lead, Nickel or Zinc)                                                                                                                                          Free Shipping in the continental US!

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