Fresh Water Pearl & Larimar Necklace #PN111

Fresh Water Pearl & Larimar Necklace #PN111


Length: 36 inches         Handmade

Great long necklace! You can find natural shape Fresh Water Pearls (sizes: 6 – 8 mm and up) and small stones of sky blue Larimar are on this latest fashion necklace. The pearls and stones are connected in handmade rosary style.   Larimar or dolphin stone is found only in the Caribbean. Its known to to be a positive energy stone, which enhances consciousness and  removes blockages. It also attunes to femininity… Pearls are protective stones, inspiring purity, serenity and tranquility.   This necklace looks and feels like a breath of fresh air!

Metal used is non tarnish, non allergenic silver alloy.  ( This metal is a North American Standard, contains no Lead, Zinc or Nickel)

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