Lapis, art glass (lamp work) #SN128

Lapis, art glass (lamp work) #SN128


Length: approx. 18 inches

Beautiful, graduated royal blue stones and handmade matching art glass beads make this necklace interesting and a one of a kind piece!

3 different shapes of Lapis Lazuli stones are the focal point on this necklace. Their dark and warm blue color appeals to almost everyone! This natural Lapis stone originates from Afghanistan.            The art glass beads are from Greece. It is made with  color glass melted/manipulated by the artist above a heat source. In the 1800s the heat source was the oil lamp…hence the name of “lamp-work beads”.  To create these patterned glass beads is an old art form, which is recreated and very popular today. The pattern of these glass beads were meant to be for good luck and sending negative vibes away.  They are in harmony with Lapis’ spirituality as an energetic stone. It is known to heal emotional wounds, cleanses, helps the powers of mind, wisdom and memory.             This necklace is a sophisticated piece with a lots of meaning.

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