Pearl Cross #ST106

Pearl Cross #ST106


Earring length: approx. 1 1/2 inch              Pendant length:  approx. 2 1/2 inches (incl. bail)                                     width:  approx. 3/8 inch                                 width:   approx. 2/4 inch

3 pc earring and pendant set! Natural pearl crosses are from an Indonesian Pearl Farm.  Organic irritants are placed into the Oyster.  The size of these crosses depend on the length of the time they are in the oyster. It is real Fresh Water Pearl, because it is all nacre. (Secretion of the Oyster.) I included faceted Amethysts and some Swarovski crystal beads with the pearls. Metal on this set is made out of North American Jewelry Metal Standard. It is non tarnish and non allergenic! It contains no Zinc, Lead or Nickel. We don’t get the chance to work with natural pearl crosses a lot. It is hard to get. I hope you won’t think a whole lot and get this set.

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