Amazonite tree of life #SN130

Amazonite tree of life #SN130


Length: 18 inches

Amazonite is a mineral of limited occurrence.  However it was a sacred stone among Egyptians.  Amazonite is now known to occur in a few places around the globe. Its color makes it mystical looking. I picked the necklace beads to harmonize with the pendant stone. I found it  in a gem show and started to research it. The usage of this stone in healing stretches back centuries.  Amazonite is encouraging the positive energies within us.                                                                            To enhance the pendant and make it harmonious with the stone, I wire wrapped a Tree of Life onto it. The stones on the tree are all semi precious stones also. All metals used are silver alloy, non tarnish and non allergenic. (No Lead, no Zinc  and no Nickel). Hope you will enjoy this beautiful stone necklace!

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