Real Fresh Water PEARL cross pendant PD128

Real Fresh Water PEARL cross pendant PD128


Length: approx. 1.5 inches (hanging approx.. 3 inches) Width:  approx.. 1 ¼ inches

This real Fresh Water Pearl cross is uniquely rare. It is in the oyster for many years before they take them out. The Pearl Farm starts the process with a tiny organic material which has the shape…(something like 2 pieces of tiny grass made into a cross shape.) Than it is placed in the oyster almost surgically. Many years later they harvest and these wonderfully shaped real pearls are the result.

The last year we didn’t get as many as we ordered so the stock is very limited.

I made this pendant with anti-allergic silver alloy. Above the cross is a large faceted crystal and a Swarovski crystal crown like bead with another small crystal on top. It is simple and beautiful. A silver chain or a velvet ribbon will enhance the cross’ beauty.

It also makes a beautiful and mindful gift for Christmas.

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