Terahertz Wraparound/Memory wire Bracelet /Turquoise TB102

Terahertz Wraparound/Memory wire Bracelet /Turquoise TB102


Bead sizes: approx.8mm           Bracelet: One size fits most!

8mm Terahertz beads are enhanced by Copper Beads.

One size fits most….Fits up to 8 inches wrist (made on stainless steel memory wire). It wraps around your wrist with no closure for your convenience.

Terahertz is believed to be a powerful healing stone. It is a man made gemstone that is invented by a Japanese scientist to protect the body against EMF and pain. It has strong healing powers according to many who tried it. It is highly recommended to get one of the semiprecious bracelets with Terahertz beads if you are suffering from intense muscle or arthritic pains. Terahertz could improve the bloodstream and could eliminate  possible clots in it. Terahertz contact with the human skin is known to have relieving effects. (For more information see our website

What is new this fall (Shungite and Terahertz)

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