2 Kyanite Necklaces

2021 is coming to end and we are happy to report that many of you found unique pieces on our website. We also did at least 2 shows a month since January, except in the hot Arizona summer. It gave us an opportunity for research and worked on new, exciting inventory.

This year we produced many new things. We worked heavily on our website and Facebook store. Your reaction to it was overwhelming. Thanks for all your love and constructive criticism. I used new semi-precious stones with brilliant colors, like Kyanite and Prehnite.

Kyanite necklace

Kyanite is a beautiful blue crystalized stone. Like other blue stones, besides being very pretty, its properties supposed to encourage communication, connection, and compassion.

The green Prehnite stone mainly works on your emotional body. It brings renewal, cleansing a and a spring-like freshness and vitality to the body.

We sold a lot of pieces from both of them, which told me I wasn’t the only one who liked these semiprecious stones.

2 bracelets

The last addition was the carbon crystal, Shungite. It is from a 2 billion years old meteorite, and it is mined in Siberia. I got a bracelet as a gift from a friend who visited the area and knew that I have painful hands. Working as a jeweler with arthritis ridden hands is not a always a joy. Wearing the stone bead bracelet all the time helped.

The original piece was made with elastic, which broke on the 3rd day. I modified it and made my designs on stainless steel memory wires. This way you can wear it all the time and enjoy it without the fear of it breaking. Besides the anti-inflammatory effects, it offers measurable protection against electromagnetic fields (EMF) which surrounds us in our daily life. (Like: smart phones, computers, microwave ovens etc.) The customer reaction was amazing! We had to import more beads from Siberia and I happily make more and more of these wonderful pieces. For more information and attached information on Shungite please visit our website. Click here mote about Shungite

It is worth looking at our website and get unique and pretty gift ideas.

Those of you who tried to order unsuccessfully should know that our website was hacked and we lost the original domain site.      (A wk. later they offered it to us to buy it back for 2.000 dollars! ☹) It is a sad and long story, but we have the new website address already!!!!!

www.threebutterflies.biz   and our Our  Facebook shop

We are ready for your orders online with our regular low prices, impeccable quality and unusual styles …and free shipping in the continental US.

We have new blogs you can read in Esther’s Studio and very often we add new items to the regular website. Our 2022 show schedule is going to be posted in the Events.

In this coming year we will try to stay closer to home, but we will venture to Tucson and Saddlebrook.

This was a long, hard year, but we tried to keep busy. We even squeezed a short visit in California to enjoy the kids and grandkids. We enjoyed every minute of our stay!

Everyone is healthy, and tries to make the best of what life can offer at this time.  I am proud of our small achievements in this year. We are also happy that from time to time you shared our pride and happiness with us. Thanks for your loyal and kind interest in our work. We try to make our world a little nicer and happier.

Have a Merry Christmas, a Happy Kwanza or whatever you celebrate at this time of the year.

Find enjoyment and love during the Holiday Season and in a Happier and Healthier 2022.

Esther and Steve Szmutni

Three Butterflies, LLC


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