Shungite Bracelet/w Amethyst

What is new this Fall?

After an action filled Summer, Fall is a perfect time to enjoy a slower pace, more quality time at home. We spend more time sipping a cup of tea while scrolling the web or walking at art shows on weekends enjoying the sunshine.

I spent most of the Summer creating new things for you. It is always exciting to find new stones, new benefits of certain stones, discovering new colors and planning new styles to encompass all. As you know, I make all my pieces with lots of thoughts and you in mind. Besides some unique pieces of semi-precious stones and Fresh Water Pearls, I am also very excited to introduce our new “Science book to Jewelry” Collection. It is a pretty unusual collection made of 2 unique stones.

1. SHUNGITE the “Stone of Life”
It is a more than 2 billion yr. old black crystal stone. It contains Fullerenes, which are carbonized atoms. The carbon comes from decayed organic substances from old forests.
I received a bracelet last year from a friend, which was beads only on an elastic cord. Wearing this bracelet all the time saved my right hand from a carpal tunnel surgery. Based on my personal experiences, I researched the stone and imported some beads to make jewelry. I figured if I have to wear it all the time, at least it should be pretty!!! That is how a new collection was born. Shungite also protects from Electro-Magnetic Field, which surround us all over where ever electricity is made or used. (Smart phone, Computer, Microwave ovens etc.) These waves cause measurable negative biological effects.
In 1996 two scientist received the Nobel Price in Chemistry for discovering the Fullerenes, which are 3D carbon molecules and never been found in other stones.

Raw Shungite stones

2.  Its protective and therapeutic properties believed to be:
Anti-inflammatory properties
Protects from EMF (Electric and Magnetic Fields) radiations
Cleansing and eliminate toxins
Calming effect
Antioxidant properties

…and now Shungite is available in a very pretty style jewelry.

2 bracelets

necklace and earrings

To keep the properties of Shungite active: clean your Shungite at least once a month. Warm water and soap work wonders with it. Let it dry under direct sun for at least 2 hrs.

3.Both our bodies and healing crystals have energetics which make us naturally receptive to the vibrations of gemstones as they can align our own vibrations with theirs. This is why healing stones and crystals have a powerful vibratory effect when placed on the body

4 . TERAHERTZ: The “Stone of the Century

A person holding a chunk of Terah    The frequency range of this gemstone corresponds to the collective vibrations of biological molecules like those found in DNA. These vibrations can help to heal and mend the body in many ways. Please do not immerse it in water.

We are living in very interesting times and I hope our new collection will be helpful to your needs.

5. It is believed to:

Improve the BRows of Terah beadslood flow

Able to help eliminate blood clots

Helpful to eliminate pain associated with arthritis or injury

Helps to alleviate headaches                                                     Help to improve stability or balance                                                                          Faceted Terah strands


6. Hopefully we will see you at our Fall Shows and can share our excitement with you. You will see many unique and fun gift ideas also for the upcoming holidays.

2021 Fall schedule:
October 2-3 Oro Valley Marketplace on Oracle, Tucson

October 28-29-30 Continental Shopping Plaza, Green Valley
November 6-7 Mountain View Country Club, Saddlebrooke

November 19-20 Continental Shopping Plaza, Green Valley

December 4-5 Oro Valley Marketplace on Oracle, Tucson

(All CDC and state recommendations for COVID safety will be followed during these shows.)
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Disclaimer: If you believe you are afflicted with an illness, please consult with your doctor or before undertake any alternative therapy. Please do not use Shungite or Terahertz solely as a cure. We do not have medical background and only promote Shungite and Terahertz as a potential enhancer. Our products and intentions are not meant to be a substitute for conventional medical help or advice.