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Happiness gives you that glow… Lots of people don’t know that happiness is also a choice and a state of mind… Choosing to be happy means that while you feel bad at times, you don’t let it rule your life? Did you notice that HAPPY people are more productive and more successful?

They are more loved!

People with more positive outlook in life have higher chances of avoiding life threatening illnesses?

We all need help sometimes to achieve this goal. Family, friends and even things can make us feel happy.

If you can avoid being sick, while living a full filling life simply by not dwelling so much on negative thoughts and emotions, then why not, right?

With all this in mind, I created a fashionable pendant and a matching earring, which contains a history of happiness.

It is our pre-holiday special. I hope that it will bring smile to your face and it will make a great gift for yourself or for someone you want to make happy…

It is very pretty Birch leaf (approx. 2.7” long and 1.5” wide) pendant. The earrings are approx. 2 inches long. I also put a Southwestern symbol of Kokopelli on them. There is also a faceted crystal bead above Kokopelli’s head which plays different colors as the light hits it.

The pendant and earrings are made out of non-allergic silver alloy.

Price: $ 18.00 for the pendant or the pair of earrings. Shipping is free in the continental US.

      Why did I use Kokopelli as the symbol of happiness? It is a highly symbolic figure and associated with merrymaking, music, fertility and good luck in the Southwestern region of the United States. We live in Arizona and can send you Kokopelli to make you happy. He carries everyone’s troubles on his bent back and plays the flute to make people happy.

Sun setting over an abstract statueWear this fashionable pendant and /or the earrings, they complement most outfits and you will see how it makes everyone feel good.

Those of you who are familiar with my work know that I usually make one-of-a-kind pieces.  This is a limited edition special, so you can purchase more than one.   It is time to spread happiness…This Kokopelli jewelry makes a great gift for yourself or for anyone who needs happiness.

Have a wonderful Fall. Be HAPPY!


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December 4-5 Oro Valley Marketplace on Oracle, Tucson

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