Welcome to my Unique Jewelry Lovers community! 😊Christmass 2021

2021 is coming to end and we are happy to report that many of you found unique pieces on our website. We also did at least 2 shows a month since January, except in the hot Arizona summer. It gave us an opportunity for research and worked on new, exciting inventory. This year we produced […]

Would you like to be happy?

WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE HAPPY AND MAKE OTHERS HAPPY TOO? Happiness gives you that glow… Lots of people don’t know that happiness is also a choice and a state of mind… Choosing to be happy means that while you feel bad at times, you don’t let it rule your life? Did you notice that HAPPY […]

What is new this Fall

What is new this Fall? After an action filled Summer, Fall is a perfect time to enjoy a slower pace, more quality time at home. We spend more time sipping a cup of tea while scrolling the web or walking at art shows on weekends enjoying the sunshine. I spent most of the Summer creating […]


Meanings and Properties of Terahertz stone: Terahertz is a man-made gemstone that is invented by Japanese scientists in order to protect the body against electromagnetic smog and harmful radiation. This stone is actually believed to be a very strong healing stone that possesses very high oscillating frequency as well as thermal conductivity. Terahertz is one of […]

History of Gift Giving and the story of Birthstones

The Holiday season is upon us! Everyone is thinking of loved ones and gift-giving. 2020 was not the easiest or the happiest year, so there are even more reasons to make the end kinder and nicer for everyone we love.  I was thinking to say a few words about gift-giving and related interesting facts. History […]


SCIENCE TO JEWELRY I am a jewelry designer, who loves to make necklaces, bracelets and earrings from natural stones. It makes me very happy to hold and work with different stones. It is the color, the shape and the natural vibration which resonates with everyone. I am always looking for rare stones, their origin and […]

History of Netsuke

History of collecting. It wasn’t until humans gave up their nomadic lifestyle over 12,000 years ago, that collecting became possible. In the 19th century, aristocratic collectors were the most common, as their collections were perceived as a status symbol. The aristocracy kept items in what was called the “cabinet of curiosities” a special curio or room […]

2020 Tucson Gem Show

The legendary Tucson Gem Show is the second largest and most prestigious gem and mineral show in the world, and a great celebration of all things gem, mineral, fossil, and jewelry related. Living in Tucson, twice a year I am excitedly waiting for this extravaganza for buyers, collectors, and enthusiasts. Three Butterflies LLC, my handmade […]

Abundance Of Pearls

I noticed a particular whimsy or duality the way pearls are used. They are matched to leather, industrial chains to bring new looks for 2021. There is also a return to the classic trends, celebrating the colors and different shapes of the Cultured Fresh Water Pearls. So look around in your jewelry box.  Cultured Fresh […]

Gemstones And Jewelry

Precious and semiprecious gems bring to mind images of beauty and great riches. I have been fascinated with natural stones since childhood. My mission with this blog is, to explain why these stones and the jewelry made with them long fascinated the human population. They have inspired myths, curses, and have been using as medicine. […]